What does age-defying really mean regarding skin care?

Age-defying means GENTLY taking the dead cells of twice a day and using products that nourish and repair the skin. The skin on our face is exposed to the elements day and night as we sleep in heated or cooled spaces.  This wonderful comfort for our bodies dry and dehydrate our skin.

So age-defying means removing the dead cells, hydrating the cells, applying any repair product needed, moisturizing and protecting the skin (foundation for women).

Often, the overlooked element is that no single product will do the job of giving you that youthful, healthy skin.  So don’t be deceived by the ads that tell you one bottle or jar is all you need.

Just as our bodies are nourished by different foods; our skins are nourished by products that contain enough of the correct ingredients to nourish and repair the skin.