• Synesthesia – two or more human senses are coupled together!

    What if you could visualize the crescendo of an orchestra as a barrage of color and texture, like something out of the Disney movie Fantasia? Or if observing a rippling stream caused your brain to reverberate with the musical notes of a cello? This is something of what life can be like for those who […]

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    It’s the holiday season again! Everything is on sale to prepare for the next  season. Or maybe it’s those very special bargains that come at the beginning of the new season. In any case, your wallet is ready for those special buys. Always shop with a list of things you really need. Stick to the list. […]

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    True or False Every person can wear yellow and look great.  A short person should never wear bright, bold patterns. A fresh, crisp, pure white shirt or blouse will work great in everyone’s wardrobe. Your personality plays a part in what colors look best on you. Brighter colors look better when you have a suntan. […]

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    AGE-DEFYING What does age-defying really mean regarding skin care? Age-defying means GENTLY taking the dead cells of twice a day and using products that nourish and repair the skin. The skin on our face is exposed to the elements day and night as we sleep in heated or cooled spaces.  This wonderful comfort for our [...] Continue Reading

    What do I wear for my first interview? It is always best to dress professionally for any job interview.  A suit look for women with a jacket or nice sweater, belt, a one to two inch heal that isn’t scuffed and worn looking, and a nice small purse. A suit or sport coat and tie, belt, [...] Continue Reading

    Makeup Lesson One: Applying the correct makeup properly can take years off of your appearance. I.E. can work with your existing makeup or can offer new items to help find what’s best for you and your skin. Simplifying the makeup process with a few added tips and tricks is usually all it takes to get [...] Continue Reading

    A SECRET CELEBRITY LIPSTICK METHOD | THREE SHADES IS ALL YOU NEED TO MIX & MATCH Okay, maybe not “everlasting”, but definitely long enough  for your day and evening plans! Lipstick that stays on for hours! (NO KIDDING) It will not smear It will not “kiss off” on that special guy It will not come off on your […]

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