What do I wear for my first interview?

It is always best to dress professionally for any job interview.  A suit look for women with a jacket or nice sweater, belt, a one to two inch heal that isn’t scuffed and worn looking, and a nice small purse. A suit or sport coat and tie, belt, with your best shoes polished is the best choice for men. A nice writing pen makes a great first impression, but no logo pens from your favorite dry cleaner. It is likely you would not dress this professionally for the job you are applying, but dressing professionally shows the interview person or employer you know HOW to dress professionally and you respect the company and are “putting your best foot forward” for the interview.

Clothing that creates a healthy look (enhancing colors), clothing that fits well (not too tight or too big), and clothing that you are comfortable wearing will help with that first impression. If you buy new clothing, make sure you wear it several times so you feel comfortable; not self-conscious.

Men’s pants should be correct length (a break at the top of the shoe) and ladies, the dress or shirt should come to the knee so that when you sit your interviewer will not be distracted by something going on below your waist. The same goes for a modest blouse that doesn’t reveal distracting cleavage.