Skin Care Testimonials

“Thank you for my facial goodies.  I used the “new ” mask again last Sunday.  Not having great skin, I do, however, think this treatment has helped it to look clearer and better.  Thank you for the good advice!”
Sandy E. Washington D.C.
“I’m am a fifty-five year old professional woman (attorney, in the practice of law), athlete (competitive short distance runner), and I totally embrace my femininity.  I was an acquaintance of Joyce’s for a period of time before I became a customer; therefore, she knew my lifestyle and priorities and created a skin care plan that met my needs.  I am confident that my skincare regimen not only enables me to look my best, but also results in a clear and and healthy complexion.
Since I began using Premiere products, one of the biggest changes I have noticed is that my makeup and skin tone remains fresh all day – no oily, shiny look in the afternoons! Also as important is that the products make my skin FEEL soft and smooth.  So much so, that I am a repeat customer.
Joyce has taught me a lot about proper skin care with quality products, and I am happy with the way I look and feel.  I am grateful to Joyce for giving me that confidence.”
Tamra S.
“Love this Premiere skin care line. My face is not as red as it has been and the ‘liver spots’ are not as noticeable.” Betty B. Cleveland, TN
“Dear Joyce,  I love the make up. Color – a perfect match. Thanks!” Donna H.

Image Consulting Testimonials

 “Joyce – I am so grateful for you – for your expertise and your friendship. Thanks for shopping with us!”

“Approaching 50, I decided it was time for a tune-up in many aspects of my life. Trying to keep up with fashion trends was exhausting, as well as expensive, and my fall-back frumpiness was depressing. Joyce did a color chart for me, suggesting patterns & accessories as well as proper colors for my clothes, makeup and nail color.  I have been a work in progress since then, but have made much better choices in the purchase of my clothes and makeup. I will never be a model (that ship was never even in the harbor),  but with Joyce’s help, my confidence has greatly increased, and now, at the age of 50+, the compliments I receive on my clothes as well as skin are a great return on my investment!”

Elizabeth B.

How we present ourselves to the world has an impact on how we feel.  You feel confident in a well put together outfit.  Joyce is very knowledgeable and she is wonderful to work with!

Debbie R.