Personal Style

Contact IMAGE essentials for a Complimentary 15 minute personal style/wardrobe evaluation or to schedule an appointment.

PERSONAL STYLE  – The Art of Looking Good

Personal style is customized just for you. We will work together to examine the many aspects of your preferences and lifestyles. Does your clothing reflect your lifestyle?
Are you: Casual ~ Athletic ~ Romantic ~ Business oriented ~ Trendy ~ Feminine ~ Casual ~ Sensual ~ Mysterious
…or maybe a combination of these?  Does your clothing accurately reflect your individual personality?
In this session, we will determine what aspects of your personality you want to project with your clothing choices so you will feel comfortable in every garment you wear while accurately projecting your personality and personal style.

WARDROBE AND CLOSET OPTIMIZATION – Self-confidence in your closet!

Choose your 2 hour session type:

OPTION ONE – Wardrobe Critique (2 hours in my studio) – In this studio consultation, we will critique five (5) of your different looks/outfits.  We assess each garment according to its fit, color according to your color type, its quality and whether it “works” with your larger wardrobe plan.

OPTION TWO – Full Closet Optimization – In this closet consultation, we will go through your closet item by item, critique it according to your plan for your wardrobe. Fit, color, quality and style will all be addressed as we work through your closet. Also, included in this closes time will be your shoes, belts, bags and accessories.  We will create new outfits from clothes you already own. I will help you pinpoint what you should keep, donate, and add to your closet to build your perfect, personal style. Good closet organization is a great tool for an easy, efficient, and polished look. Let’s create a wardrobe that reflects your personality and fits your lifestyle needs and makes it easy for you to coordinate all the pieces in your wardrobe.

OPTION THREE – Color 1 Capsule Wardrobe – This session focuses on building a capsule wardrobe of seven (7) garments and two (2) neck accessories which creates the basics for a workable, comfortable, believable wardrobe for your lifestyle.


2 to 4 hour sessions

Image Essentials will shop with you in pre-selected stores as you build or add a few pieces to an existing wardrobe. We will shop for unique items to help you stand out in the crowd and show your personal style. Not sure what to wear to your interview or black tie event? Hesitate no longer! I can help you select clothing for any special occasion while keeping your personal preferences in mind. I work with all budgets and can help you shine!

LINE AND DESIGN ASSESSMENT – The Best Styles and Fit For You

Your personal line and design assessment will incorporate analyzing your body structure and choosing clothing styles that emphasize your assets and minimize the areas about which you are concerned. Proportion is how parts relate to the whole and the goal of good line and design is to create balance and harmony with your figure. You will learn what styles to choose to create a balanced look for your individual and unique figure.
  • Long waist
  • Short waist
  • Thin legs
  • Narrow sloping shoulders
  • Protruding derriere
  • Protruding abdomen

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