Hydrating Comfort Mist



For All Skin Types. Reduces Inflammation.  Engineered/acidic water.  Pure Hydration Head to Toe.



Hydrating Comfort Mist is all about Reducing Inflammation, in all skin types. This includes soothing inflamed breast tissue, diaper rash, cradle cap, insect bites, sunburn, rosacea and skin eczemas, the list continues. It is JUST WATER!!!

What is it? Pure, Pristine Water, “Ordered Water” is the type of water that exists in living beings, around and inside our cells. Liquid crystals arranged into a 3-dimensional network of molecules, that when sprayed onto inflamed tissue, healthy tissue, dry flaky skin, aging skin has a greater ability to provide cellular hydration and damaged cells Do Not have to work as hard to incorporate “Ordered Water”.

How can JUST WATER be so effective in Hydrating Comfort Mist? Water that is Electrolyzed when immersed in an electrolytic bath has the molecule size changed and becomes friendly to the human cell. As the water can now be absorbed by the cell, it becomes the ULTIMATE Hydrator bringing instant relief to Dry, Irritated, Inflamed Skin anywhere on the body. Good for adults, children and babies

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Weight 8 oz
Key Ingredients

EO Water